Hi! Welcome to my website. This is a terminal window...err...kinda. It simulates the sheer basics of a typical unix console. Type 'travis --help' for a list of programmed commands or just dive right in. Travis-Wingo:~ Travis$

Travis-Wingo:~ Travis$

Enter the below commands to navigate sections:
1.) 'ls' : display list of section names
2.) 'cd [name]' : show section with name [name] (should be 'more' lol)
3.) press <tab> key to autocomplete (if section exists)
4.) use up and down arrow keys to cycle through previous commands
5.) 'clear' : clear the window

Type 'travis --help' for list of commands
Link Description Type Role
ElectrIQ Power ElectrIQ Power couples energy storage systems with big-data analytics to help building owners save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Current Job Co-Founder, VP Product
Hoopla Hoopla is a sales motivation platform that helps sales teams to increase their productivity and output. Job Software Engineer
collegefeed collegefeed is a career marketplace that helps students and employers connect with each other to simplify the job search process. Job Software Engineer
Postacard Postacard is a message bot I built over a weekend that allows users to text a photo to a phone number and send that photo as a postcard to anywhere in the world for $3. Side Project Founder
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