This is quite interesting as I never exactly thought blogging was something I’d be into, but I’m going to give it a go anyways. Truth be told, I’m not starting a blog because I want to write about things and cry to the world about my problems, I’m more interested in the software behind the scenes that’s running the show - jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby gem that let’s me create a blog that’s completely static but acts totally dynamic. Wtf?! Yeah, that’s what I first thought. After digging into the structure a bit, I realized how friggin’ awesome it is so I gem installed that ish and now here we are. Fast. Light. Database-free. Free. You can even write some code and it supports syntax highlighting!

def whats_jekyll
  puts "Some cool shit, yo!"

So now, not so often but as often as the urge springs, I’ll be updating this blog with things I have to say about, err, things…